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The I3 Investment Co­operative works to manifest real opportunity for a more vibrant shared economy that maximizes community resilience, prosperity and social wellbeing, while being respectful of natural ecologic limits. In alignment with its vision, and in collaboration with its members, the Co-operative:

  1. Creates investment opportunities, that maximize economic, social and environmental returns

  2. Provides loans, loan guarantees, grants, and other financial assistance;

  3. Provides assistance with the development, evaluation and assessment of business enterprises and other economic projects;

  4. Provides investment services to members and customers (including but not limited to project assessment, risk analysis, related administration and financial services);

  5. Engages in public education and community development, and encourages research and development into innovative solutions.

The authorized share capital shall consist of an unlimited number of membership shares with a par value of one dollar (Ca$1), an unlimited number of Class A investment shares, with a par value of one hundred dollars a piece, an unlimited number of Class B investment shares with a par value of one thousand dollars a piece, and an unlimited number of Class C investment shares with no par value.

The liability of a member or investment shareholder of the Association is limited in accordance with the Cooperative Association Act.

Coop Rules

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