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A key part of good governance is openly communicating with members. To keep members up-to-date, we share info in a number of ways.

For example, we'll report to members at our Annual General Meeting, we'll publish accountability reports and financial statements, and we'll have facts about our governance practices online.


What's Good Governance?

Good governance means that we'll make every decision with the long-term interests of I3 Investment Cooperative in mind. It also means our leadership, processes and policies create the conditions for sound decision making, and that we are consistent, responsive and accountable to our members.

To make sure we stick to our commitment of good governance, our Board follows leading governance standards and practices, such as:

  1. Having open, two-way communication with members

  2. Engaging members in decision making process

  3. Publicly sharing operation budgets, as well as information that relates to our committees and Board

  4. Ensuring the Board upholds I3 Investment Cooperative values and acts with integrity

  5. Following procedures for disclosing and handling any potential conflicts of interest

  6. Ensuring our Board has the right skills and abilities

  7. Overseeing CEO performance

  8. Evaluating annual Board and director performance

If you have any questions about governance at the I3 Investment Cooperative, please email

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