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Final say on budgets goes to the Board, who are nominated by Coop Members. Renewal and/or uptake of Board Directors are managed through Director Elections.

Our Members share our desire to support and learn through initiatives that explore and employ forward thinking solutions, then share and reinvest outcomes in creating real change from within. Members:

  1. Share our values and goals

  2. Have complementary networks

  3. Agree to take an active role


Message To Members

The day you joined the I3 Investment Coop, you became part of a community. Your vote is both a right and a responsibility. Sharing your ideas by proposing Resolutions, and electing representatives you trust to provide informed oversight, passionate stewardship, and sound decision-making is an essential part of securing a vibrant future for I3 Investment Coop and all it intends.

Member Benefits

Membership Terms & Fees

Investment Shares

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Members will be receive quarterly reports on activities and proposals, which the I3 may choose to invest in. Reports may include qualitative and quantitative data analysis reflecting the impact specific investments had on desired outcomes. Such data will increase our ability to intelligently deploy investments for maximizing social, environmental and economic returns.

Members will be invited to attend Community Project Development Retreats and given first refusal to attend Impact Economy Summits, managed by our strategic partner, The Citizen's Media®. Both will include workshops and discussions between locals, innovators and impact investors, that explore the practicalities and execution of solution ideas.

Please Note: You must be a member of twelve (12) months before you can invest.

Your first year of membership will help guide you in what steps to take next.

Voting on the Board and proposed Resolutions, takes place in the Annual General Meeting.


To inquire about Membership:

Membership Terms & Fees

Membership Terms & Fees

Last updated: September 2018

As of October 2020 – unless otherwise approved by the Board – membership requires that you:

  1. Are an active funder on The Citizen's Media® who has been donating to projects for six months or more, and/or;

  2. An active participant on a project that's being supported by the I3 Investment Coop .


Membership Shares are limited to one per person. I3 Investment Coop Membership will be subject to fees as follows:

Cost per Share: CA $1 or 10 Pi™ p.a.

Regional Annual Membership Fees:

  • US & Canada: CA $5 or 50 Pi™ p.a.

  • EU and UK: CA $5 or 50 Pi™ p.a.

  • G7 Members: CA $5 or 50 Pi™ p.a.

  • Global South: CA $1 or 10 Pi™p.a.


Membership Fees will be used towards start-up and operational costs. Revenues will be made transparent and posted online.

Investment Shares

Investment Shares

There are no limits to the number of Investment Shares you can have. 

Investment Shares can be transferred to another person; Membership Shares cannot. Shares are issued on 5 (five) year terms, with profits going to the Coop for further investments, that align with its vision and goals.

Shares that I3 Investment Coop will be issued to people in exchange for their investment dollars. Shares may be “directed” (shareholder identifies what project they want their money invested in) or “undirected”  (they will go into the overall pool of investment capital the co-op will be building.

Three classes of Investment Shares will be issued at a rate that will be determined by directors:

  1. Class A: $100 par value (maybe “directed” at request of investor)

  2. Class B: $1,000 par value (“undirected”)

  3. Class C: No par value (“directed” at specific projects by the Board)

Investors Tax relief

Provided that you meet the required conditions around co-op structure and membership, is eligible for inclusion in a self-administered RRSP.

90% of Investments must be from Members.

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